Well done to everyone who competed at the London International Karate Open Championships on Sunday. Fantastic results all round especially in Kata. Final medal tally as follows:

Individual Kata
Daniel Beale- Gold & Silver
Ben Pitt- Gold
James Stewart- Gold
Luke Harvey- Silver
Evia West- Silver
Charlie Critcher- Bronze
Riley Lambert- Bronze
Alessandro Horrocks- Bronze
Ethan Metcalfe- Bronze
Cameron Rawlings- Bronze
Giulia Horrocks- Bronze

Team Kata
Ben Pitt & Ethan Metcalfe- Gold
Riley Lambert & Charlie Critcher- Silver
Connor Lesurf, Ethan Metcalfe & Ben Pitt- Bronze

Tayla-Rose Jones- Silver
Danielle Wood- Silver
Alessandro Horrocks- Bronze
Harrison Scorrar- Bronze
Guilia Horrocks- Bronze

Team Kumite
Layla MacDonald, Ben Pitt & Ethan Metcalfe- Bronze
Ben Pitt, Connor Lesurf & Georgie Wood- Bronze